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About Us

Alchemy, at its root, is the transformation of the self.

Embrace moving your body with your breath, creating space to release, expand, and experience a full body exhale ~ mind, body, soul, and spirit.

Alchemy ~ Free Your Soul.


Alchemy is a space for you to come and move, breathe and be, grow and heal. A sanctuary for you to explore movement, the power of your breath, wholehearted living, creating a relationship with your entire self, giving yourself permission to embody your truth and essence.

Alchemy ~ Free Your Soul offers an eclectic mix of classes and workshops, as well as the best instructors around! A community where everyone is welcome, classes for every human, a healing cave of wellness rooted in love. 


About Nicole

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Nicole Draft, just a woman navigating life, love, loss, and purpose. Life is freaking fast, if you're not happy ~ do something about it! Nicole is leaning into her faith, leading with love, listening to her inner compass, and living with her eyes wide open.

Nicole loves people, ALL PEOPLE. She is a networker and blessed to have numerous acquaintances. She wants to spread LOVE & JOY in as many lives as possible while she's here on earth.

She is the creator of Alchemy Free Your Soul and the founder of More LOVE Collective. Her passion is creating safe & sacred spaces for others to come and commune with their sweet soul. Nicole created Alchemy to make yoga accessible to and for anyone and everyone. She is a certified Life Coach; however, she prefers the name Soul Guide, Reiki Master, and studied Addictions Counseling in college. She also has certifications in Trauma Sensitive and Yin Yoga. She teaches and guides from a space of her own understanding and experiences.

She's a firm believer that movement is medicine, and you have the power within to heal. Everything is energy ~ what you put out, you will receive back if you stay open, have faith, be a good human, and believe in yourself.

We get one shot here, don’t waste your moments! Let the adventure to freedom begin, come and FREE YOUR SOUL.

Meet The Team

Meet The Team



Nicole is the creator of Alchemy and the founder of More Love Collective. Her passion is creating safe and sacred spaces for others to come and commune with their sweet soul. Nicole is a certified Life Coach; however, she prefers the name Soul Guide, Reiki Master, and she attended college studying Addictions Counseling. She is certified in Trauma Sensitive & Yin Yoga. She is finishing up her second 200 RYT training. Nicole teaches from a space of her own understanding & experiences, she believes everything is energy; what you put out, you will receive back if you stay open, have faith, and believe in yourself. Nicole is a firm believer that movement is medicine, you have the power within to heal.


Nicole will be guiding Release & Unwind and Soulful Flow, facilitating a monthly Sacred Soul Circle, as well as offering numerous workshops incorporating her Soul Guidance method.

Release & Unwind is a great beginner class, or class for those who truly want to just do as the name says. Release & Unwind is a slow & gentle flow, connecting movement & breath, releasing & giving our bodies permission to unwind & be free.

Soulful Flow is a gentle flow, great for everybody and will allow time for meditation & a longer Savasana.

Nicole will be providing soulful prompts during this class, feel free to bring your journal for the end of your practice.

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Lari is the Coordinator of Alchemy. She will be guiding classes, offering workshops, managing our social media, helping with the behind the scenes of operations and much more.


Lari is certified in her 200 HR YTT and offers explorative and fill your cup yoga at Alchemy. Growing up an avid reader and lover of all things film and acting, she is a storyteller at heart, and she is passionate about creating a safe place where people can explore their own stories in their body, heart, and psyche. Lari believes that we don’t need anything else outside of ourselves to experience inner peace and love. Strapped with “Women Who Run with the Wolves” at her side and probably her cats, she is excited to offer you a variety of tools to come back home to your true self.

Lari will be guiding Explorative Yoga, a vinyasa based asana practice that integrates mindful body movement with adventuring through our souls to see what lives in our minds and hearts. It is a practice that allows you to move in your own unique way.

She will also offer Fill Your Cup Yoga ~ a restorative, slow flow that centers on comforting, nourishing movements to replenish the body and soul. It is a space of rest and relaxation to give you the strength and energy to finish off your week strong.



Christyna is a mom to two littles under three and a 16 yr old. She graduated from GVSU with a degree in biomedical science emphasizing nutrition. She is fascinated with how the body works and is passionate about creating a healthy lifestyle through nutrition, movement, and stillness. Christyna’s passion for a healthy lifestyle led her to creating Voyage Bowls and towards completing her 200 RYT training in June. Guiding with intention to help others feel empowered, and calm, on and off the mat. Christyna’s life quote “ The universe never gives up on a stubborn heart.” She believes if we keep going, we keep growing, little by little.

Christyna will be guiding Sweet Surrender. A sweet pairing of modern vinyasa fused with functional movement. While some aspects of this class may build heat, it is an ALL-levels yoga class, ACCESSIBILITY is the goal. Building strength, enhancing flexibility, exploring balance, discovering mind-body endurance, having fun, and letting go.

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Joyce has been a Restorative Yoga Instructor since 2015. She received her certification through Spirit of the Lake Yoga Studio in Minneapolis, MN. She went to a Restorative Yoga class to fill up some free time and something happened, right from her very first Restorative Yoga class. She experienced the profound healing, comfort, and soul relaxation you get from this wonderful practice. She found both peace and
exhilaration; she found my passion. Joyce is excited to share the continuation of this journey with you. Welcome to the journey.


Joyce will guide you through a slow-paced class in which most of the poses are laying down and held for several minutes.  The poses are supported and passive. And they can be transformative. Sometimes people call this dessert yoga or nap yoga, but it is more than that, come and experience this restorative yoga for yourself! 



Ashley is the owner of Central Lotus in Grand Haven, a graduate of Blue Heron Academy. She has been practicing yoga for many years and attended a few different yoga schools getting her 200RYT.

“Yoga helps me feel better in my body, nourishing myself from the inside out.” Ashley discovered yoga to help with her anxiety. She loves incorporating breath work and stretching into each of her flows. Ashley loves getting outside and hiking. You may find her on a trail, or on the boardwalk with her cat on a leash, or in her backpack.

Ashley will be guiding Gentle Vinyasa Yoga.

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Jan is passionate about yoga, living freely, traveling, learning and growing A fun fact is that she loves the outdoors and plans on living in her camper van this summer with her 2 dogs! 

Jan will be guiding Yin Yoga focusing on lengthening and strengthening of the connective tissues, or joints, where the bones in our bodies come together. Most of the postures practiced in Yin Yoga are done on the mat and are held for longer periods of time. During these longer holds, we allow our bodies to move deeper into the postures with the help of gravity, so there is very little muscular energy used in yin, which differs from a faster moving practice like Vinyasa. This practice is especially beneficial to anyone who wishes to slow down, reduce stress, and release tension from the body. Yin Yoga is a meditative practice that allows you to really be present and aware, to go inward and be still with your breath. It’s also a good practice of patience, letting go and acceptance, both on and off the mat.


Jan will also offer Hatha Yoga. This class takes on a more traditional format based on the principles and fundamentals of Hatha Yoga. We will spend time practicing the Asanas or postures, as well as the other limbs of yoga including meditation, pranayama (breathwork) on a deeper level. We will be moving slowly in this class, to allow us to gain a better understanding of the postures and how our bodies respond to them. This practice will provide a good foundation for students to build upon and advance their practice. Props will be used to help practitioners at any level, so all are welcome.



Noelle brings a calming energy to her stretch/balance classes that comes from walking a winding & interesting path through life. Noelle is certified through Sacred Moon School of Yoga. She cherishes friendships, kindness and her cat, McCartney. He helps her, ‘Let it be’ and see the beauty in every day.


Noelle will be guiding Building Balance and Flexibility. This is a beginner or medium level class for anyone seeking stretch, release and calmness. Our time is spent in gentle movement to become more flexible. Mellow music and lighting allow us to focus and feel. An essential oil scent is offered during a relaxing Savasana at the end of each class to carry your peacefulness with you throughout the day. Expect a balancing of energy and breath.

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