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Summer Schedule



6:30pm - Gentle Soul Flow 


9:30am - Gentle Soul Flow


11:00am - Restorative

5:30pm - Gentle Soul Flow


9:30am - Gentle Soul Flow


CLOSED - Join us for Reiki


CLOSED - Join us for Reiki


9:30am - Slow Flow


A yoga studio that goes beyond, offering classes for EVERY BODY. Our classes are accessible for everyone, beginner to lifelong Yogi. 

When to arrive?  
We recommend arriving at least 10 minutes before class begins. Enter through the side door and get cozy by taking off your shoes. Say hi at the front desk, sign in, and pay (drop-in, punch, or monthly plan.)

What to bring? 
Studio mats are already placed to optimize space, so you can use the mat in the spot you like or lay your own mat on top. Grab any props the teacher recommends, or you personally enjoy for your practice.  Make sure you phone is on silent and settle on in! We recommend wearing comfortable clothing and bare feet.

Class Description:

Gentle Soul Flow is a gentle practice accessible for every BODY & the entire body. An embodied flow that nourishes your heart, soul, mind & spirit, building strength, courage & confidence in your individual practice. Blending together Vinyasa & Yin, breathwork & meditation. Feel free to bring your journal to process for a few moments after class. 
Restorative Yoga is such a supportive healing practice. Come and experience how wonderful it feels to rest and find a deep inner peace through these supportive poses.” 

Thursday morning’s gentle flow Vinyasa with Chelsea will awaken the body and mind. Guided breathwork, gentle flows, and deep stretches will help you wake up and bring on your day in an intentional and loving way.
Sunday’s Slow Flow is a safe space for you to come and explore your mind & body. Woven with intentional movement and mindful breath, this feel-good flow will start your week off with grounding, relaxation, and peace.


REIKI IS AVAILABLE! Text (616) 402-1340 to book your appointment. [Other days than Friday and Saturday are available] ​



Drop-In Yoga Class~ $15
No commitments needed and only come when you want to.


New Members 10 Class Pass ~ $55
Expires 30-days from purchase date.

10 Class Pass ~ $130

No expiration date.

Monthly Plan Unlimited Classes ~ $125
Attend all the classes you wish, every month. Valid for 12 months.

Alchemy, at its root, is the transformation of the self. Embrace moving your body with your breath, creating space to release, expand, and experience a full body exhale ~ mind, body, soul, and spirit.

We offer a good fit for anyone, no matter how much or how little experience you have. Energizing classes with a bit of a challenge while balance the mind, body, and spirit. Let's build strength and practice mindfulness at the same time. 

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